Welcome to ShoppingBus4All — a Digitalized Token-based e-commerce platform that unites consumers and merchants from all over the world. Buy products and get a reward on each purchase. If you're a merchant, leverage our loyalty program to attract more clients to your business by offering them purchase rewards. All your operations are secured by the blockchain technology. Discover limitless possibilities of ShoppingBus4All!

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Your shopping process at ShoppingBus4All is clear, simple, and highly rewarding.

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    Acquire a Product

    Buy a product at a physical or online store

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    Request a Reward

    Go to ShoppingBus4All and provide the info from the receipt/transaction

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    Receive Your Reward

    Get back a share of the money spent on the purchase in BTC

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    Cash out in BTC

    Convert BTC to fiat or save them for later


Benefits of ShoppingBus4All

The ShoppingBus4All e-commerce platform is integrated with the blockchain platform that offers crypto token — BTC. As a result, ShoppingBus4All offers more than any existing non-blockchain trading platform or e-commerce store. You earn from buying goods and services, or from other people selling and buying — no borders, no limitations, and the highest level of security.

  • Highest Security Level
  • Highest Transparency Level
  • Works Worldwide
  • Any Marketplace Product
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Where commercial revolution begins. Join ShoppingBus4All.

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